Cord Blood Program

Umbilical Cord Blood Storage for Indicated Sibling Need
Stem cells from cord blood can be used to treat many types of cancer, blood, and immune disorders. With a doctor’s recommendation, cord blood stem cells can be collected, typed, and stored for someone specific within the family who has been diagnosed with a disorder treatable with stem cells.

How to arrange a cord blood collection for indicated sibling need:

  • The Cord Blood Program can be contacted initially either by the expectant mother or the oncologist or hematologist recommending the collection. Informed consent, basic demographic information, and a review of the woman’s medical history is acquired before the collection of the cord blood (preferably 1 – 2 months prior to the expected delivery).
  • The family may elect to have their midwife or practitioner collect the cord blood. Collection training, supplies, and instructions are provided by Cord Blood Program staff. For local collections, Cord Blood Program staff is available to perform the collection.
  • A shipping container will be provided to send the collected cord blood from the delivering facility to the Puget Sound Blood Center.

If someone you know is pregnant and has a family member with a disorder treatable with stem cells, she may contact the Cord Blood Program at (206) 292-1896 or 1-800-DONATE-1, extension 1896. Email inquiries can be sent to

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