Puget Sound Blood Center | Community Report 2012

Saving Lives Every Day

President's Message

One day the life we save may be yours.


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Lifesaving Gifts

Top donor groups sponsoring blood drives.


Blood Donor Heroes

400 donations, 1200 lives saved.


PSBC at a Glance

Some of the ways we're saving lives every day.


Core Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values.


One Day

During a single day, PSBC touches thousands of lives. People just like you and your family.

On this day we're there for people having surgery, or needing treatment for injuries, or receiving treatment for blood disorders. People undergoing organ transplants, or cancer therapy. In return, these people touch our lives and drive our mission to save lives through effective patient care, innovation, research and education.

We're able to do this only with the help of our valued partners in the community. It begins with our donors and volunteers.

Every day, we partner with physicians and nurses and hospitals to deliver the highest quality patient care. We work alongside scientific investigators at universities and with other organizations advancing biomedical research. And all of this vital work is enabled by generous contributions from our financial donors.

But 'one day' is every day at PSBC. Our mission affords no holidays or days-off. The needs of the people in Western Washington are there every day. So are we.

Because one day, the life we save may be yours.

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Lifesaving Gifts

Top Donor Groups Sponsoring Blood Drives*


Blood Donors Registered
31,000 First Time Donors
4,456 Blood Drives
1,400 Total Blood Drive Donor Groups
235 New Blood Drive Donor Groups
231,080 Whole Blood
17,249 Platelets - apheresis
1,972 Plasma - apheresis
1,595 Double Red Cells

Marrow Donor Program
2,861 New marrow donor registrants
67 Marrow or stem cell donors

Volunteer Program
760 New Volunteers
2,950 Volunteers
110,100 Volunteer Hours

Blood Components Produced
192,546 Red Cells
36,673 Platelets - whole blood
24,653 Platelets - apheresis

Cord Blood Program
5,440 Collections (WA, HI, and OR)
1,040 Units banked from those collections
112 Units distributed for transplantation

University of Washington
Western Washington University
Seattle Municipal Tower
Seattle University
Port Angeles Community
Wal-Mart Oak Harbor
One & Two Union Square
Bellevue College
Anacortes Community
Jackson Federal Building
Cascade Mall
Sammamish Community

Auburn High School
Wash. St Department Of Ecology
Everett Community College
Seattle Children's
King Street Center
Premera Blue Cross
Bothell High School
Union Station
South Whidbey Community
Olympic Medical Center
1201 Third Avenue
North Bend Premium Outlets
Orcas Island Community
San Juan Island Community

* Based on total number of donors registered annually.

Blood Donor Heroes

Doug Kerley first gave blood to a wounded infantryman in Vietnam. "I donated blood directly from my arm to his, and he lived to be transported out of the field to medical care." Doug was so impressed by the lifesaving power of blood that he became a lifelong regular donor at PSBC - he recently reached the remarkable milestone of 300 units donated.

With his dad as an example, it is no surprise that Doug's son, Paul, began donating blood in high school. Now 23, Paul accompanies his dad to the PSBC Lynnwood donor center nearly every week, where they both donate platelets. Paul has already reached 100 units, perhaps the youngest donor in our region to achieve that level of giving, earning him a leaf on PSBC's Tree of Life. "It's a ritual," says Paul, who enjoys spending that time with his dad. "And if you want to help those around you, there's no better way."

For Doug, the value of donating blood is self-evident. "Many people are only alive because of blood donations. It's only an hour out of your life. Why wouldn't you do that?"

With 400 donated units between them, Doug and Paul may have saved as many as 1,200 lives, and they're not planning to stop anytime soon!

Here are Some of the Many
Ways We're Saving Lives Every Day

A unique, hybrid provider of health care services for the community, PSBC offers a wide variety of products and services to care providers and patients. We're transfusion experts who consult with physicians. We're also medical professionals who deliver clinical care to patients with blood disorders. We're scientists at specialized laboratories who support patients and surgeons at organ transplant and cancer treatment centers. And we're a respected Research Institute studying everything related to blood.


blood donors registered. Enough to fill CenturyLink Field nearly 4 times.


cord blood units collected at 15 hospitals in three states.


Hemophilia patient visits


Monthly calls to our nurse line


lifesaving organ transplants in Seattle received from critical testing from our specialized labs.


calls annually to schedule & remind donors of livesaving donation appointments.

Blood Services

Collects, prepares, stores and distributes blood and blood components to hospitals across Western Washington with the generous help and support of our donors and volunteers ensuring a stable blood supply.

Research Institute

Transforms medical science with breakthrough research in transfusion medicine, blood biology, blood storage, cancer therapies, organ transplantation and treatment of clotting disorders.

Clinical Services

Offers patients unparalleled patient care and expertise in therapeutic blood component exchange, hemophilia treatment, and marrow donor registration for Be the Match®, making it possible for patients to receive stem cell transplants for leukemia and other diseases.

Cord Blood Program

Offers new mothers the opportunity to donate umbilical cord blood, providing stem cells for cancer treatment, immune system disorders, and research.

Transfusion Medicine

Provides hospitals and health care facilities with 24/7 transfusion services and medical consultation, performing specialized tests to match patients with donor blood and working within the health care community to ensure the safest possible transfusion practices.

Specialty Diagnostics Laboratories

Genotypes and phenotypes donor blood and platelets from thousands of donors annually to provide blood that is a “perfect match” for organ transplant patients and for patients with complex blood types.


ADVANCING HEALTH, shaping the future of transfusion and transplantation medicine.


SAVING LIVES, through research, innovation, education and excellence in blood, medical and laboratory services in partnership with our community.


ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE: We serve our customers and community by pursuing our vision, creating value and achieving measurable results. We continually ensure best practices through innovation and the quest for knowledge. We value our local, national and international leadership reputation.

SEIZE OPPORTUNITY: We seek and embrace new opportunities that allow us to advance our mission. We approach our work with agility, optimism and creativity.

THINK CRITICALLY: We are strategic and analytical in our planning and execution. We learn from past experience and consider the current business environment to establish critical success factors for the future. We make collaborative decisions that are deeply rooted in our mission, vision and values.

DEMONSTRATE RESPECT: We welcome and foster diversity in people, perspectives and ideas. We engage with all who are partnered with us in this lifesaving work.

ACT WITH INTEGRITY: We are consistent in our actions and beliefs. We engage in honest self-assessment, commit to transparency, and do what is right for employees, patients and customers.

Young Professional Ambassadors

(YPA) educate their peers about the vital role PSBC plays in our region’s health care. YPA is motivated to prove that you don’t have to be in a certain age or income bracket to have a major impact in the community. In only two years, YPA’s 31 members have expanded PSBC’s base of support and raised more than $55,000 through individual and corporate contributions, happy hour events, and Taste for Life, its signature wine, beer and liquor tasting event. Thanks to this inspiring group of advocates!