Donating Tissue

Northwest Tissue Services is the nonprofit, community-sponsored tissue bank established to provide high-quality human tissue for transplant to patients in  Washington, Montana and Northern Idaho. The program depends on contributions made by generous people who have consented to donation after the death of a family member. Bone, tendons, skin grafts and heart valves can significantly improve the quality of life for transplant recipients by preventing amputation, restoring mobility, relieving pain and sometimes saving lives. Tissue Services, a department of Puget Sound Blood Center, was established in 1988 through agreements with the University of Washington Department of Orthopaedics and the Northwest Kidney Center.

Tissue Services is guided by an Executive Council, comprised of the executive directors of the founding organizations who assure that the center complies with the highest medical and ethical standards. The Tissue Services is an accredited member of the American Association of Tissue Banks and is recognized nationally for its leadership in tissue banking.

Every hospital in the region depends on the Northwest Tissue Services for tissue donation services.  Tissue Services works hand-in-hand with hospital staffs, medical examiners, coroners, funeral homes, the State Patrol and regional organ and cornea programs to offer donation options.

Transplant tissue provided by the Northwest Tissue Services is from regional donors evaluated by Tissue Services staff, recovered in operating rooms, tested under our direction, processed in controlled-environment facilities and distributed and tracked  by Tissue Services.

Each year Tissue Services provides nearly ten thousand tissue transplants made possible by generous northwest donors.  Tissue Services can meet nearly all regional requests for tissue transplants, but every day seventeen people die awaiting organ transplants.  Please register your decision to become an organ and tissue donor at Living Legacy