Barbara A. Konkle Laboratory

"It's exciting to take our research findings and translate them into clinical care."
Barbara A. Konkle, MD

The Konkle laboratory is focused on improving health by better diagnosis and treatment of bleeding and clotting disorders. Dr. Konkle's recent research relates to improved testing for von Willebrand disease (VWD) and hemophilia, blood-clotting in pregnancy and other disorders, and cardiovascular disease in men with hemophilia.

Areas of Study

  • von Willebrand disease and von Willebrand factor
  • Blood tests for hemophilia
  • Thrombosis (unwanted blood clotting) in pregnancy
  • Cardiovascular disease in hemophilia
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Dr Konkle's Background

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Barbara A. Konkle, M.D.
Clinical and Translational Research
Puget Sound Blood Center

Full Member,
Research Institute
Puget Sound Blood Center

Medical Director,
Hemostasis Reference Laboratory,
Puget Sound Blood Center

Professor of Medicine/Hematology,
University of Washington

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